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A New Fitness Gadget That’s FUN! Seriously. No Joke! Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year involving fitness? How about cardio? Are you trying to get out and walk or jog more? If we could all enjoy our workouts – I think it’d be easier to stick to those New Year’s Resolutions. Well, I recently tried out a new toy that I LOVE ’cause it’s eliminating the boredom of exercise. Kinomap allows you to race over 10,000 courses on your BH Equipment. You choose a geo-located video and then watch your icon moving on the map and on...

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The push-up is a versatile body weight exercise that strengthens the upper body including chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. It’s a versatile muscle builder for all athletic levels. Small changes in hand and body position can produce big differences in the muscles you target. Beginner Options Perform push-ups on knees. Perform on toes when strong enough to maintain proper form. Perform incline push-ups. Elevate hands on a bench, chair, or plyo box. Push-ups on a wall (lean into wall and push away). Hand PositionVary hand position to provide additional challenge for different muscle groups. Diamond (hands narrow and form a...

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Agility ladders are great tools for training athletes to increase speed and agility. They are lightweight, portable, easy to set up, and can be used for athletes of all ages and levels. Agility ladders are so versatile they are only limited by your imagination! Create a circuit using one or more agility ladders. This can be done indoors or outdoors. Alternate traditional quick moves and patterns with slower paced strength building exercises. Alternate between upper and lower body exercises. Here are some ideas to get you started. “Outside the Box” Strength Building Agility Ladder Exercises Laterally “walk the plank” Perform...

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Fall is a great time to start a fitness program because you’re going to create good habits for the holiday season and the upcoming winter months. With the change of seasons comes a renewed time to rethink and restart, so why wait until January 1st? Here are a five ways to start making the most of the season. And who knows? This year, you might be in great shape before that New Year’s Eve party rolls around. Take Advantage Of The Weather – Fall can be a treat for the senses: the crisp air, apple picking, pumpkin carving, a gorgeous canopy...

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FORM At the beginning of the workout, when you are fresh, is the perfect time to focus on your form. Are your knees over your ankles in your lunges? Abs braced? Shoulders away from your ears? Spine aligned? Every move has its own set of form do’s and don’ts, so study up beforehand, and practice during the first part of any workout. It will give you something concrete to work towards and give you focus for the first part of your workout. FEEL If you have good form, such as driving through your heels in squat position, then you should...

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