Urtopia E-Bikes: The Sustainable Choice

Each year, five point two billion metric tons of carbon dioxide are released. Climate change is threatening the planet, urging a change in the way we live. Urtopia is a leading provider of environment-friendly technology. Their proprietary IOT system and AI algorithm make riding an e-bike the greenest way to travel, revolutionizing short-range transport and reducing carbon emissions by 99%.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

By achieving a remarkably low total carbon footprint of just 276.58 kg CO2, Carbon 1 surpasses the emissions of numerous ordinary bicycles.

Greener Mobility Choice

The Urtopia Carbon 1 e-bike excels in sustainability, emitting only 1/5 of Germany’s standard traffic emissions, and even 2/3 of the emissions of a shared bicycle.

Riding 154 km on Urtopia = Planting 1 Tree

Riding the Urtopia e-bike in Germany for 100 km cuts 2832.25 g CO2, like planting 0.65 trees.