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GoFit Power Handles
Get effective strength training at home or anywhere with GoFit's Rubber Resistance Training System. A key element of this portable weight-resistance system are the GoFit Power Handles. Included with GoFit Power Handles is the GoFit Power Tube Training Booklet.You’ll get...
TrakHandle Sport Cable Attachment (pair)
The TrakHandle Sport exercise handle for cable exercise equipment features 3 axis of rotation to track perfectly with the users natural movements. The TrakHandle Sport allows the user to performed wide range of new cable exercises that cannot be performed...
Triceps Rope with Rubber Ends #TR20
Triceps Rope This Triceps Rope has the strength to pull a truck! Features over-sized rubber blocks and super-thick, high-carbon steel swivel for strength, durability and comfort. Do the heaviest press downs, curls, crunches, kickbacks and deltoid raises. You’ll hit muscles...
Snap Link
Our 8mm, solid steel snap link makes changing from one cable attachment to another quick, easy and safe.
Body-Solid Aluminum Multi-Grip Lat Bar #MB148A
The Body-Solid Tools MB148A Aluminum Lat Bar attaches to any pulley or cable weight machine and is ideal for several lat and upper body focused exercises like lat pulldowns, straight arm pulldowns and more. Constructed with high-strength 1-¼” aluminum, the...
28" Deluxe Multi-Purpose Curl Bar w/ Swivel #TCB-28S
The 28” Deluxe Revolving Curl Bar with forged swivel is perfect for the gym, club or home. This versatile bar is engineered for triceps press downs, curls, rows, arm pull-overs and much, much more. The ends of this bar are...
48" Deluxe Lat Bar #TLB-48S
For complete development of your lats, shoulders and upper arms, the USA 48” Deluxe Lat Bar with forged swivel is uniquely designed at a slightly steeper angle for lateral stability and an extra long stretch. The ends are covered with...
Body-Solid Adjustable Nylon Stirrup Handle #NB59
Pull all your cable workouts together with the Adjustable Nylon Stirrup Handle Give your fingers a hand with ergonomically designed, textured grip stirrup handles that are ideal for all your lifting and pulling exercises. Constructed from extra heavy-duty nylon and...
Body-Solid Aluminum Straight Bar #MB022A
The Body-Solid Tools MB022A Aluminum Straight Bar is designed to attach to any cable or pulley-based weight machine. Made from high-strength 1-¼” aluminum with knurled grips for easy and consistent handling during intense workouts. The aluminum construction of the MB022A...
28" Multi-Purpose Curl Bar w/ Swivel #GCB-28S
The USA 28” Economy Revolving Curl Bar with forged swivel is perfect for any gym, club or home. This multi-purpose bar is created for triceps press downs, curls, rows, arm pull-over’s and more. Features: Smooth - Precision engineered forged steel...
Chinning Triangle #GCT
Made of solid steel construction, the Chinning Triangle attachment design gives back, shoulders and arms the maximum workout. The super-duty welded flange assures durability and has tapered handles for better grip and feel. Features: Smooth - Precision engineered forged steel...
Seated Row/Chinning Bar
Pro-Grip Seated Row/Chinning Bar Super heavy-duty welded flange ensures a lifetime of usage even under extreme conditions. All ends are precision-ground and polished to an exact radius. Perfectly balanced with comfortable rubber #18 diamond knurl-textures grips. Solid steel, 5 lbs.
VTX Tricep Rope #VTR-36
Our strongest ever VTX triceps rope is made from heavy duty, polyester fibers that are both moisture and fray resistant and can withstand 1,500pounds of pressure. The distinctive orange and black weave design is clearly identifiable. Each solid polymer end...
Body-Solid Aluminum Curl Bar
The Body-Solid Tools MB229A Aluminum Curl Bar attaches to any home gym or cable/pulley-based weight machine and helps you perform curls and numerous other exercises. Constructed from high-strength, rust-proof and lightweight 1-¼” aluminum, the MB229A is both durable and lightweight....
Schiek Ankle Straps #1700 - Black
Maximize your cable workouts with the Schiek Model 1700 Ankle Strap.  Made with Plush 5mm neoprene for a comfortable strap with maximum strength and durability.  The superior hook and loop closure system makes this a one size fits most.  Made...
Double Stirrup Handle #TDSH
For the person who wants to maximize their workouts, the USA Sports Double Stirrup Handle has a close grip to facilitate back and shoulder development. Their specially-designed, tapered handles allow for a better grip and feel. Features: Smooth - Precision engineered...

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