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VTX Functional Training Med Balls
Build core body strength throughout the range of motion with our new VTX functional training balls. The rugged, rubberized shells are thicker, making them ideal for forcibly bouncing on a hard surface floor, throwing against a solid wall or a...
from $39.38
Body-Solid Tire Tread Slam Ball #BSTTT
Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Balls will help you build strength, cardio endurance and explosive power. Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Balls feature a textured, grooved surface to provide unmatched and easy gripping ensure a solid handle on the ball...
from $56.00
XTreme Monkey Pro Slam Ball
The Xtreme Pro Slam Ball is a great conditioning tool for all fitness levels that works the entire body with explosive, functional training movements. Also known as ‘dead balls’, slam balls feature a dead-bounce and don’t roll away. The hard...
from $18.99
Body-Solid Tools Medicine Balls
Body-Solid Tools Medicine Balls are total-body training tools engineered to help develop muscular strength, power, stability, endurance and cardio endurance.  Features: Develop strength, power, stability, endurance and cardio endurance. Textured grip for superior handling. Durable rubber construction. Large, easy-to-identify weight...
from $38.00
VTX Wall Ball
from $64.68
VTX Wall Ball
The VTX Wall Ball comes in multiple sizes and colors. Each VTX Wall Ball is 14” diameter. Made of durable synthetic leather and designed for superior grip, each ball is stitched to our exacting specifications and comes with a 1...
from $64.68
Dynamax Soft Medicine Ball
Dynamax was founded by two coaches who identified a gap in the market for specialist exercise balls which were strong enough to withstand high impact workouts but soft enough to not injure your partner whilst training. The Dynamax ball exceeds...
from $124.00
Prism Self-Guided Deluxe Storage Tower
This accessories Storage Tower fits each one of self-guided fitness products and is perfect for unattended workout facilities. Its versatility of this tower allows facilities to properly display and store all the key self-guided product available for the end user...
Body Solid Soft Medicine Ball
Soft-shell construction absorbs impact while maintaining shape and weight balance even after repeated use. Easy to catch, impact absorbing design makes Body-Solid Tools Soft Medicine Balls perfect for a number of integrated strength and endurance exercises such as throws, squats,...
from $70.50
VTX 6-Tier Medicine Ball Tower Rack #GMBR-6
Keep your gym organized and stylish. This new medicine ball rack is made with all the quality components we can expect from Troy Barbell. Not only is it made to last, but it will enhance the look of your gym. Medicine Ball...
Prism Self-Guided Essential Storage Tower
Products that work and are easy to use! It’s never been easier! Commercial-grade product can be used in any environment. This space saving storage display allows for easy access to the essential fitness training products. Storage only, does not include...
Prism Smart Medicine Ball
The Smart Medicine Balls are a functional fitness staple. The weighted center forces the user to use different muscle groups to throw, bounce or twist with the ball.   8 exercises are printed on each ball for easy reference. They...
from $46.99
Body-Solid Dual Grip Med Ball
Don't worry... you can handle it! Body Solid Tools Dual-Grip Medicine Balls can be used for both one-handed and two-handed exercises and are ideal for replicating a number of sports movements. They are also very efficient when used in conjunction...

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