TrakHandle Sport Cable Attachment (pair) - Cable Attachment Bars
TrakHandle Sport Cable Attachment (pair) - Cable Attachment Bars
TrakHandle Sport Cable Attachment (pair) - Cable Attachment Bars
TrakHandle Sport Cable Attachment (pair) - Cable Attachment Bars

TrakHandle Sport Cable Attachment (pair)

trak handle

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The TrakHandle Sport exercise handle for cable exercise equipment features 3 axis of rotation to track perfectly with the users natural movements. The TrakHandle Sport allows the user to performed wide range of new cable exercises that cannot be performed with any other equipment.

Full Range Of Motion (ROM)

Full Range Of Motion exercises are critical to achieve the greatest gains in muscular development. And rotational movement is the only way to achieve full range of motion.



The TrakHandle Sport is the standard of excellence in the fitness equipment industry. Use the TrakHandle Sport to improve the functionality of any cable exercise machine including cable crossovers, functional trainers, Pilates equipment, Total Gyms, resistance bands, suspension trainers and more.

Expand The Functionality Of Existing Cable Exercise Equipment

Trak Fitness cable attachments allow users to perform multi-plane exercise movements which cannot be performed with any other cable attachments to the restrictive nature of other attachments. 

Reduce Injury

Standard cable attachments and exercise handles restrict rotational and multi-plane movements and prevent proper alignment of the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. These restrictions force the user into faulty movement patterns that can lead to muscle imbalance, poor neuromuscular control and arthrokinetic dysfunction which can lead to pain and injury to the joints and ligaments. The TrakHandle Sport and other Trak Fitness cable attachments are the only cable attachments that allow ergonomically movement and minimize repetitive stress injuries.

Reduce Costs

The TrakHandle Sport outlasts typical handles by several lifetimes which is why it is backed by a 3 year warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent, well-designed handles

These handles are exceptionally fluid through complex movements. They feel robust and substantial, without being over-bulky. They truly improve the quality of cable movements on my VersaPulley machine. Expensive, but worth it.

Happy with the purchase

I was hoping these would help take pressure of my wrist while doing cable work. They definitely did. They also help keep better concentration with all chest flys. Worth the money.

Sally VanBeek
Trak handle sport cable attachments

These handle are a great addition to our gym. They are spendy but worth the cost

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