Get The Most Out Of Your Workout


At the beginning of the workout, when you are fresh, is the perfect time to focus on your form. Are your knees over your ankles in your lunges? Abs braced? Shoulders away from your ears? Spine aligned? Every move has its own set of form do’s and don’ts, so study up beforehand, and practice during the first part of any workout. It will give you something concrete to work towards and give you focus for the first part of your workout.


If you have good form, such as driving through your heels in squat position, then you should be able to feel the muscles in your glutes firing. When we spend the time to isolate and recruit the proper muscles, we improve the mind-muscle connection and stimulate endorphins, which can help you to get through the work.


When you’re nearing the end of the workout, you may be a tired, sweaty mess. To make a strong finish, take a quick moment to appreciate your hard work and dedication you’ve made to focus on form and feel. Then, build on the endorphins created during those phases, and power through with the thought that you are near the finish line.


Source: Prism Fitness Group