Prism Kiio Wall Gym

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The perfect complement for resistance training. An infinitely adjustable anchor system that allows simple and secure placement anywhere along the continious track. Precise markings ensure consistency in the assessment and training.

  • 7-ft stainless steel track is wall mounted to maximize floor space.
  • Patented anchors slide to any track position.
  • Triple pocket attachment for quick and secure connections.
  • Accepts cables, tubes, bands, and webbing.
  • D-ring gives infinite attachment flexibility.
  • Supports 250 lbs.

Wall Gym KIT Includes:

  • (2 each) 30-inch 20 lbs and 40 lbs Resistance Tubes
  • (2) 60-inch 50 lbs Resistance Tubes
  • (1 pair) Triple Grip Handles
  • (1) Arm/Leg Attachment
  • (1) Wall Gym


  • (2 each) 30-inch 10-100 lbs Resistance Tubes
  • (2 each) 60-inch 10-100 lbs Resistance Tubes
  • (2 pairs) Quik Fit Handles
  • (2 pairs) Exchange Handles
  • (2 pairs) Triple Grip Handles
  • (2) Arm/Leg Attachments
  • (1) Wall Gym
  • (1) Caddy

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  • Maximize Your Space - Makes the most of available training space for members and athletes alike.
    • Utilize existing columns, pillars, walls.
    • Free up traffic areas.
    • Zero foot print when not in use.
  • Safe, Simple, and Quiet - Much safer way to train in supervised & unsupervised fitness centers.
    • Addresses the concern about heavy weight not being used properly by the user.
    • The Wall Gym operates in silence making for a more inviting resistance training experience for users.
    • Patented Anchor System slides into any position on the 7 ft stainless steel track in seconds with a simple pinch.
  • Effective and Versatile - Can accomodate any level of fitness.
    • With resistance ranging from 10lbs up to over 250lbs the Wall Gym can accommodate any level of fitness.
    • Progressive resistance and force throughout the entire range of motion.
    • The High and Low Slide Anchor with triple pocket connectors, that includes a D-Ring, allows for wide array of exercises and exercise positions.
  • Model400-240-004 (Complete:005)
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