PKB Portable Kettlebell

PKB Portable Kettlebell

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PKB Portable Kettlebell from Prism Fitness Group - What is the most versatile kettlebell on the market? The Portable Kettle Bell (PKB) is optimized for portability and designed specifically for outdoor training. Free of padding and unnecessary bulk, the PKB is truly a kettlebell on the go that effectively replaces iron kettlebells, dumbbells, and weighted balls for outdoor boot camp and cross-training exercises. Whether youre at home, the beach, campground, or playground, simply fill the inside of the empty PKB shell with whatever material is convenient on the spot - sand, dirt, mud, loose gravel, rocks, or whatever else can be scooped and poured into the bag. Create full body workouts with one piece of equipment by increasing or decreasing the amount of filler to vary the weight. Working out in your garage? Fill the PKB with nuts, bolts, washers, and other machine parts! Once you are finished, dump out the weighted material, turn the waterproof bag inside-out, and then spray wash, hand wash, or soak in water to clean. On a business trip or vacation where you wish to use your Portable Kettlebell in the hotel room or on the balcony or patio? Bring along the optional TANK bladder for use with up to 20 pounds of water. Using the TANK bladder to hold water weight is a quick and clean alternative to outdoor fillers, and packs down just as light and portable as the PKB. The Portable Kettlebell is easy to pack, easy to fill, and easy to clean!

The Portable Kettlebell can be used for any functional training program that normally utilizes kettlebells, dumbbells, or sandbags. The Portable Kettlebell, similar to a performance training sandbag, allows you to train with an unstable load since the contents will shift slightly during exercise. This will cause stabilizer muscles to work harder and more efficiently during training to stabilize the weight, giving you a tougher and more productive workout with less weight as compared to training with a static load (iron weights). What does that mean? Manipulating and training with 30 pounds of sand is a lot HARDER than training with 30 pounds of iron!

The Portable Kettlebell is great for new users, personal training clients, boot camp attendees, young athletes, and women since it is safe and designed to protect. The soft shape of the PKB conforms better to the body during use and wont beat up your forearms during presses and swings. Curved handles are comfortable with no sharp edges or burrs to cut the hands like a regular kettlebell. The PKB can be safely dropped and tossed without destroying you or your surroundings (within reason of course!).

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