GoFit Deep Tissue Massage Roller

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The new, GoFit Pro Deep Tissue Massage Roller features acupressure therapy nodules made of dense, closed cell foam. Like massaging fingers, in a seamless egg-crate pattern, these smooth-rolling nodules allow you to reach deep muscle tissue and relieve trigger points. This highly-effective, acupressure therapy breaks-down and releases the body’s ailments and stresses. Since the concentration of pressure is distributed across many nodules, you’ll massage and stretch deeper tissue while the roller maintains its stability. The condensed foam is lightweight yet highly durable for heavy use. GoFit’s GoFit Pro Deep Tissue Massage Roller improves blood circulation throughout your skin, fascia, muscles and even tendons and ligaments. 


  • Reach deep muscle tissue with acupressure therapy nodules —breaking down trigger points like massaging fingers. 
  • Massage pressure is distributed across many nodules maintaining stability for heavy usage. 
  • Pattern, allows blood to quickly flood the muscle through the foam channels and speed up recovery. 
  • Condensed, yet lightweight foam is highly durable.
  • ModelGF-DTROLL
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