Abs Company SGT4 Power Cage

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Looking for a dynamic Small Group Training solution but are short on space? The SGT 4 is for you!  Its compact footprint makes it accessible to virtually any space and while still allowing you to train up to 6 people at once.



  • 3” Steel Columns.
  • Custom Colors.
  • 4 Pull Up Ramps.
  • 1 Dip Station.
  • 1 Landmine.
  • 2 Sets J-hooks.
  • 1 Set BRST Anchors.
  • Multiple Suspension Strap Anchors.



  • 6' x 4'.
  • Floor Space Needed 40 SF.
  • Exercisers on Cage: 6.

Only available for purchase in-store or by phone.


  • ModelSGT4

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