GoFit Power Loops

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GoFit Power Loops, along with the Core Performance® Program is a simple yet powerful combination to achieve stronger, leaner, and more athletic hips, legs and glutes. By training and conditioning your lower pillar of strength, you will look better and perform better in the game of life. Power Loops are made of soft, stretch latex.

Power Loops include a training Manual with professional instruction from Mark Verstegen, a worldwide trainer of pro athletes and creator of the Core Performance® System. Join Mark, as he empowers you with his scientifically-proven exercises, to increase your balance, strength, and functionality, helping you feel better, have more energy and reduce pain for an active lifestyle.


  • 1 Light Resistance Band.
  • 1 Medium Resistance Band.
  • 1 Heavy Resistance Band.
  • 1 Set of Core Performance® Laminated Cards.
  • ModelGF-PLP
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