Cleaning Station All-In-One Sanitizing System

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You have good taste and you make a great first impression! Simply customize to your liking and watch the crowd gather; cleaning is so simple now – easy and quick. Euro, mod, and stunning, this all-in-one sanitizing system works your way! Sanitizer dispenser not included.

Enhance your environment by promoting clean living!

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Trash receptacle included, .
  • Wet Towel Nozzle & Dry Towel Nozzle included; located in towel cabinet.
  • Convenient shelves; easily expandable by removing center divider.
  • Textured, streak-free surface.
  • Supplies not included – You Choose!.
  • Measurements: 11"W X 45"H X 16"D.
  • Weight: 36 lbs.

Keep Your Members/Clients Safe

They will appreciate taking responsibility for their own health and well being. Wiping the equipment before and after use makes them feel safe from viruses.

Care About Proper Hygiene

Just by touching a surface and then your eyes or’s easy to get sick. As the final step, use The Cleaning Station’s hand sanitizer  for your optimum support.

Convenient In One Location

The Cleaning Station makes sense. Users pull a pre-moistened towel, wipe the equipment, toss the towel in the hidden trash receptacle, and then clean their hands. It’s that simple!

Protect Your Equipment

You make an investment to get years out of your fitness equipment. Sweat breaks it down, and now The Cleaning Station is your best defense.

All Over Safety & Protection

The Cleaning Stations are applicable all over your facility including: cardio, strength, group activity rooms, cafes, locker rooms, spinning rooms, front desk, and meeting rooms. 

A Multitude Of Choices

Customize your system with a variety of supplies to meet your needs...wet or dry wipes, sanitizer, disinfectants, cleaners, tissues, and more.

Only available in BLACK at this time.


  • ModelTCS-B
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)11"W X 45"H X 16"D
  • Commercial WarrantyClean Holdings LLC offers a 1 year warranty on The Cleaning Station from the date of purchase due to any demonstrable manufacturing defects. If you believe your merchandise was defectively manufactured, please call customer service for technical support. We will evaluate and let you know the necessary requirements for adjustments or replacements.
  • Product Weight36 lbs.
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