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Body-Solid Lifting Bands #BSTB - Orange
The Body-Solid Tools accessory line continues to expand with the introduction of the NEW Body-Solid Lifting Bands . Each Band is suited towards a particular fitness routine such as speed/agility training, jumping, flexibility, stretching, plyometrics, rehabilitation, and power lifting. These...
from $14.50
Element Fitness 41" Latex Strength Bands #E2658
Strength Bands are an incredible versatile tool for adding resistance to stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training exercises. A higher quality band does not exist. Ideal for assisted pull ups and dips. All bands are made of 100% natural latex through...
from $14.99
VTX Functional Training Med Balls
Build core body strength throughout the range of motion with our new VTX functional training balls. The rugged, rubberized shells are thicker, making them ideal for forcibly bouncing on a hard surface floor, throwing against a solid wall or a...
from $39.38
GoFit Ultimate Power Tubes
Important Note: GoFit Power Tubes require GoFit Power Handles for use (pair sold separately). Get effective strength training at home or anywhere with the safe, portable weight-resistance of GoFit Power Tubes. Available in eight different weight resistance levels, they deliver ultra-versitile...
from $9.99
Body-Solid Grip Trainer #BSTGT
High-quality billet aluminum anodized handles feature sure-grip knurling to ensure a comfortable hold that won’t slip. Three levels (100, 150 and 200 lbs.) allow you to increase resistance as you develop grip strength. Body-Solid Tools Grip Trainers are constructed with...
from $12.50
Pure Grade Natural Gym Chalk 2 oz Block
Pure Grade Natural Gym Chalk, Magnesium Cabonate. Athletes like gymnasts, weight lifters, and rock climbers, all enjoy the benefits of gym chalk. It's perfect for pulling exercises including olympic movements, deadlifts, rows, and other heavy compound movements. Magnesium Carbonate. 100%...
GoFit Ultimate ProGym
The GoFit Ultimate ProGym is the go anywhere, train anytime home gym that comes complete with its own personal trainer on DVD. Whether you are building size and strength, or increasing muscle definition, the key to the ProGym is the...
Body-Solid Mini Bands 5 Pack #BSTBM-5PACK
Build total body strength, coordination and balance with Body-Solid Tools Mini Bands. Includes 1 each: Mini Loop Bands Yellow Very Light. Mini Loop Bands Green Light. Mini Loop Bands Red Medium. Mini Loop Bands Blue Heavy. Mini Loop Bands, Black...
Body-Solid Tire Tread Slam Ball #BSTTT
Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Balls will help you build strength, cardio endurance and explosive power. Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Balls feature a textured, grooved surface to provide unmatched and easy gripping ensure a solid handle on the ball...
from $56.00
GoFit Pro Cable Rope
This commercial grade, coated steel cable rope is a compact training tool that packs a punch. Whether you are wanting to elevate your MMA training, cross training, or just looking to improve your overall fitness level, the steel cable provides...
GoFit Ultimate 4 ft. Power Tube - 15 lb.
The new Power Tubes are an ideal workout tool that can be used for both strength training and rehabilitation. All power tubes come with an exercise guide to help step you through the many, effective options for resistance tube training....
XTreme Monkey Pro Slam Ball
The Xtreme Pro Slam Ball is a great conditioning tool for all fitness levels that works the entire body with explosive, functional training movements. Also known as ‘dead balls’, slam balls feature a dead-bounce and don’t roll away. The hard...
from $18.99

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