VTX Light Accessories Rack - MEDIUM #GVLAR-52

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The VTX Light Accessories Rack in Medium (52" H) offers a compact storage and organization solution to store small light fitness accessories. Made for versatility, the rack stores stability balls, medicine balls, covered resistance bands, ab mats, foam rollers, and exercise mats. Similar to the large version, the medium rack includes a premium acrylic panel for storing resistance bands and has the option of being customized with a custom logo.


  • 1 Light Accessories Rack (Med) 
  • 2 Stability Balls (M,L) 
  • 4 Medicine Balls (4, 6, 8, 10lbs) 
  • 2 Exercise Mats 
  • 2 Foam Rollers 
  • 2 Ab Mats 
  • 5 Covered Resistance Bands (UL, L, M, H, UH) 
  • ModelGVLAR-52PAC

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