VTX Light Accessories Rack Pack - LARGE #GVLAR-76

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The VTX Light Accessories Rack in Large (76" H) offers ample storage and organization for compact fitness facilities and spaces. This dual-sided rack can store all of the fitness essentials: stability balls, medicine balls, ab crunch mats, foam rollers, and club exercise mats. A premium acrylic panel adds a premium touch while functionally storing the resistance bands and can be customized with a custom logo.


  • 1 Light Accessories Rack (Large) 
  • 3 Stability Balls (S,M,L) 
  • 6 Medicine Balls (4,6, 8, 10, 12, 15lbs) 
  • 3 Exercise Mats 
  • 2 Foam Rollers 
  • 2 Ab Mats 
  • 5 Covered Resistance Bands (UL, L, M, H, UH) 
  • ModelGVLAR-76PAC
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