RumbleRoller Massage Ball Xtra firm Beastie
RumbleRoller Massage Ball Xtra firm Beastie
RumbleRoller Massage Ball Xtra firm Beastie
RumbleRoller Massage Ball Original Beastie and Extra Firm - Flexibility & Stretching
RumbleRoller Massage Ball Xtra firm Beastie

RumbleRoller Massage Ball Xtra firm Beastie

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The Beastie is an aggressive massage ball. Use them to dig deeper into a troublesome area, or to work with greater detail on smaller muscles – e.g. those of the forearms and calves.


  • Optimal bump spacing.
  • Available in 2 firmness levels.
  • Won't permanently deform.
  • Won't absorb sweat.
  • Detachable, multi-function base.
  • Latex-Free and Phthalate-Free.
  • 3.0" Diameter.
  • Uniformly-spaced, high-profile bumps for the deepest possible muscle penetration.
  • Precisely engineered bump flexion.
  • Tactile, high-friction surface for maximizing shear forces.


The detachable base is more than just a place to park your Beastie when you're done using it. It's a fundamental, patent pending part of the Beastie system, and it provides these distinct benefits:

  • Elevation - The Base elevates the Beastie an additional 1/2" above the surface, to better access hard-to-reach areas of your body.
  • Intensification - The Base orients the Beastie so that one of its bumps is held firmly in a straight-up position. That guarantees maximum penetration of the muscle.
  • Stabilization - The Base prevents the Beastie from rolling. That facilitates more controlled massage techniques, and it also allows you to work off the side of the Beastie to generate higher shear forces in the muscle tissue.
  • Retention - The Base retains the Beastie so that it can more easily be used in off-the-floor applications.
  • Attachment - In addition to being a free-standing support, the Base serves as an adapter to removably attach the Beastie to either a wall or the Beastie Wall System.


The Beastie is available in two versions – Original (clear), which has firm but flexible bumps, and X-Firm (green), which is extremely firm.

The best one for you depends on both your sensitivity to pain and your method of use. For example, if you're using the Beastie on the floor and putting your full weight on it, we recommend the Original version. If you're using the Beastie against a wall, you'll be applying much lower forces to it, and will probably respond best to the X-Firm. If you plan to work your entire body and experiment with different techniques, you may want to own both versions.


  • Too Big - Larger balls can be used to massage broad surfaces of your body, but they won't get into more confined areas (e.g. close to your spine) and are too blunt to dig into the muscle.
  • Too Small - Smaller balls, such as golf balls, are relatively inconvenient to use because they need to be elevated on a block to reach many areas of your body.
  • Too Hard - Balls with very hard surfaces will dig deeper into the muscle, but can also bruise the bone. That makes them less effective than a ball with a more elastic surface.
  • Too Small - Inflated balls or ones made of foam can't provide enough localized force for deep-tissue massage, and don't hold up well to heaver use.
  • Too Absorbent - Balls with fabric or knitted covers absorb sweat, dirt, and bacteria, and are more difficult to clean.
  • Too Shallow - Putting bumps on a ball is a step in the right direction, but shallow bumps only provide superficial stimulation and aren't effective for deep-tissue massage.
  • Too Crowded - Taller bumps have the potential to dig deeper into the muscle, but placing them too close together limits their penetration and negates the effect.
  • Too Sparse - Having too few bumps can also be a problem. This type of massage ball doesn't roll, so it's difficult to reposition when you're lying on top of it.

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