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GoFit Foam Roller - 24"

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Roll away stress and lower back pain as well as improve balance, alignment and stability with the GoFit Foam Roller. One of the most effective self massage routines you can go through, the Foam Roller can help decrease pain, relieve the stress and tension that's stored in muscle and create your overall body balance. The Foam Roller includes a Core Performance instructional DVD led by Mark Verstegen, a worldwide trainer of pro athletes and creator of the Core Performance® System. Join Mark, as he empowers you with his scientifically-proven exercises, to increase your balance, strength, and functionality, helping you feel better, have more energy and reduce pain for an active lifestyle. The Foam Roller is made of dense textured foam that's lightweight, portable and easy-to-clean. It's 6" in diameter and 24" in length.



  • Regeneration of muscle tissue.
  • Increases functionality in everyday life.
  • Reduces pain and fatigue.
  • Increases energy for an active lifestyle.
  • Reduces instability.
  • Increases body's ability to manage stress.
  • Helps promote lean muscle development.


  • Legs
  • Back
  • Body Muscles
  • Balance
  • ModelGF-FROLL24

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