Body-Solid Weight Lifting Chains Pair #BSTCH44

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Body-Solid Tools Lifting Chains provide scalable resistance to lifts offering increased muscle contraction and performance. Ideal for use in squats, deadlifts and bench presses, these chains hang from barbells and provide varied resistance during lifts. Chains allow users to strengthen the weak point of lifts while also enhancing resistance and weight at the top of reps for better gains in strength and power.

Body-Solid Tools Lifting Chains offer smooth, consistent lifts throughout the entire movement while slowing down the concentric portion of the exercises for increased muscle tension and intensity.

Zinc-coated to ensure longevity and designed to hold up in high-use environments. Each Body-Solid Tools Lifting Chain is 5’ in length and adaptable to any sized Olympic barbell. For additional applications, Body-Solid Tools Lifting Chains can be placed over shoulders for weighted pull-ups and dips as well as attached to kettlebells, dumbbells, sleds and other cross training/group exercise accessories.

  • Pair of 5’ 22 lb. chains.
  • Offers scalable lifting resistance.
  • Perfect for use in squats, deadlifts and bench presses.
  • Zinc-coated.
  • Designed to fit any size Olympic barbell.
  • Attach to kettlebells, dumbbells and sleds or for bodyweight use.
  • ModelBSTCH44
  • Product Weight22 lbs Each.

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