Body-Solid Hanging Exercise Mat #BSTFM20

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The Body-Solid Tools Hanging Exercise Mat offers unmatched comfort and quality for yoga, stretching, low-impact and core-based exercises.

Two reinforced eyelet rings allowing users to hang the BSTFM20 on a wall or door, saving space between workouts.

Durable foam construction ensures the Body-Solid Tools Hanging Exercise Mat maintains both its shape and flatness over time while offering superior impact absorption and comfort.

The non-slip surface is both water resistant and easy-to-clean, providing safety, stability and cleanliness to the BSTFM20 before, after and during all workout.

Optional Foam Mat Hangar

The wall-mounted Body-Solid Tools Foam Mat Hanger (BSTFMH) is designed for storage of BSTFM20 Hanging Exercise Mats and can hold up to ten mats at once.

  • For use with yoga, stretching, low impact and core-based exercises.
  • Reinforced eyelets to hang mat on wall or door.
  • Quality foam construction offers durability and comfort.
  • Water-resistant & easy-to-clean non-slip surface.
  • Dimensions: 71"L x 23"W x 3/8" thick.
  • ModelBSTFM20
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)71"L x 23"W x 3/8" thick
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