Body-Solid Gut Blaster Ab Slings #AAB2

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These slings encourage superior toning, trimming and conditioning of the entire abdominal area without lower back strain. In fact, they can actually help a bad back by stretching the muscles and decompressing the spine.


  • Solid-steel, Fire and Rescue Locking Carabiners, are rated at 10,000 lbs. capacity each.
  • Attach to any chin-up bar.
  • Arm slings are 8 1/2" wide with dense and durable 1" thick pads.
  • Pair of suspension slings designed to tone, trim, and condition abs.
  • Slings suspend you above ground for leg raises and oblique exercises.
  • Works your abdominals without straining your lower back.
  • ModelAAB2
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