Fitness Exchange relies on many years of professional experience, proven technical expertise, and our vast array of industry resources to design, build and maintain a state-of-the-art facility. We are well equipped to meet your commercial fitness needs including concept and planning, equipment consultation, delivery, installation, training, and service.


Wiping down equipment is not enough. We use CDC approved and EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum kill claim All infected materials are disinfected, using electrostatic spray application to ensure total coverage of all touch points. Our professional and complete disinfectant application ensures proper coating allowing for maximum dwell time for complete and far superior protection.


  • Maximum coverage of equipment.
  • Ensures all “touch points “ are disinfected.
  • Able to cover and disinfect hard to coat items such as dumbbells, ropes, kettle bells and weight plates.
  • Proper amount of disinfectant is applied ensuring dwell times are consistent for maximum kill rate.
  • Professional application provides “peace of mind for members and staff”.


Our Fitness Exchange, factory-trained technicians perform professional service and repair consistent with our goal of achieving the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry. CLICK HERE FOR A SERVICE REQUEST


Our Fitness Exchange, factory-trained, delivery and installation team is ready to be dispatched to install your equipment. We stock most items in our warehouse and work tirelessly on each project to ensure it is on-time, accurate and trouble free!


Protect Your Investment! A routine Preventative Maintenance Plan can provide a lower cost of ownership and a higher return on your investment for your fitness center. With each visit, our Fitness Exchange factory-trained technicians will identify and prevent potential service problems, saving you time and money.

A Preventative Maintenance Program is planned maintenance that is designed to extend the life of your equipment, improve performance, help avoid costly repairs, reduce equipment down-time, and can reduce your liability exposure in the unfortunate event of an injury.

Our Fitness Exchange Service Department will work with you to understand your equipment needs and determine the most cost effective preventative maintenance solution. Programs are available annually, semi-annually and quarterly.


Visualize the look and feel of your future facility. Our Fitness Exchange professionals create customized facility layouts to maximize your floor space and ensure a safe, user-friendly environment for your clients. Customization includes development of a new space or renovations to an existing area.


Our Fitness Exchange professionals provide onsite product and fitness training. Whether you are trying to promote a safe training environment, get the most out of your fitness equipment, or increase participation, one of our associates is always ready to assist you.

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