Product Spotlight: The World’s First Convertible Exercise to Work Station Treadmill

The brand new, TD250 Folding Treadmill Desk has it all.

The brand new Folding Treadmill Desk TD250 from BodyCraft his a fully functioning treadmill with the ability to convert to a treaddesk all with a flip of the console.

Most treadmill desks have a max speed of somewhere between 2 and 4 mph, limiting the functionality of the treaddesk to use it as a standard treadmill to go for a run or light job. Whereas the BodyCraft TD250 goes up to 11 mph and offers a full-sized running surface, rather than a small walking deck. This enables the treadmill desk to be used for either working – or for a robust workout.

Plus, it’s folding! Stow it out of the way and never worry about having enough space in your office

Best of all, the desk adjusts to accommodate any size user or workout.