Product Spotlight: RFT, A Functional Advantage

The all-new Body Craft RFT is an ALL-IN-ONE Power Rack and Functional Trainer. It can do virtually every exercise in one, compact piece of equipment.

The RFT is built for MAXIMUM flexibility and safety. Rugged construction and adjustable spotter arms make your workout enjoyable, quick and safe.


Fully functional power rack with chin bar, 2 sets of bar catches, and safety spotters with utility catches. Adjustments are pop-pin and in tight 2″ increments. Laser etched #s on the inside of the four uprights make it easy to set your catches and spotters.


Dual front adjustable swiveling pulleys with 23 height positions. Adjust the pulley height by simply releasing the pop-pin and sliding the pulley to your desired position. The laser etched #s on the inside of each upright will make sure both pulleys are at equal heights.


In the rear of the RFT are dual independent low pulleys. This station is ideal for rows, bicep curls, ab exercises and more.


The RFT features dual independent swiveling high pulleys mounted at the top rear of the rack. These can be used in conjuction with the included lat bar or single handles. Work your shoulders, back, arms and more!