Product Spotlight: Life Fitness Adjustable Stride Elliptical

The Life Fitness E5 Elliptical features an adjustable stride. This premium feature adds a lot of bang for your buck.

Will there be more than one person using the elliptical?

Adjustable stride length ellipticals are designed to meet the needs and comfort levels of the individuals by customizing the stride length to each user. Some users might be tall with long legs and others might be shorter with a smaller leg length. Having an elliptical with an adjustable stride length is a much more family-friendly option as all users in the household can benefit.

Do you want to target different muscle groups?

Changing the stride length on the elliptical allows you to target different muscles groups within your legs. The shorter stride targets the quads and calves and the longer stride targeting the glutes and hamstrings.

Do you want to be able to workout longer without getting sore?

Using different stride lengths and targeting different muscle groups allows you to change which muscles are getting sore as you are working out which will allow you to stay on longer and workout harder. Your calves are burning? Shorten the stride length and give them a break for a few minutes.

Do you want your workout to stay effective?

Muscle confusion keeps your workouts difficult and effective. Changing your stride length throughout your routine will keep your workouts ever-changing and therefore more effective. Plus, changing your workout will help you stay motivated.

How high is your ceiling?

You’re probably more familiar with an incline trainer from your gym. An incline trainer gives you all of the same benefits of an adjustable stride elliptical. BUT, an incline trainer usually (not always) requires a high ceiling since they tend to pop you up off the floor up to 2 feet. Whereas an adjustable stride elliptical tends to stay lower to the ground.

Do you prefer quiet exercise equipment?

All home Life Fitness ellipticals come equipped with Whisper Stride technology. What does this mean for you? You can workout without waking the napping baby, or listen to your TV at a normal volume, or not disturb your downstairs neighbors.

Do you like a few program features or a lot?

The Life Fitness E5 has a customizable console. You can choose their Go Console if you prefer to get on and go with simpler features. Or, you can go with their Track Console if you prefer more in your console. You don’t have to pay for what you’re not using – which is nice.