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VersaClimber 108SRM Rehabilitation Total Body Climber

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The SRM Rehab Model VersaClimber is a total body, closed chain, rehabilitation exercise machine. It utilizes one of the most natural and intensity selective muscular activities to which the body can be subjected.

The SRM is fully adjustable to fit the height, weight and length of all types of athletes and patients.

Total body vertical climbing exercise and rehabilitation routines have been developed to provide a continuous arm and leg action in a seated or standing position, using a wide selection of stroke lengths, stroke rates, and resistance levels. VersaClimber allows patient to progress from none to partial to full weight bearing, full body exercise.

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  • Straight Handles - They provide a variety of hand positions which accommodate exercises for the arms, shoulders, chest and back. The patient can actively push or pull with one or both arms as well as move one or both arms passively in a controlled range of motion. One or both arms can be totally immobilized when required. Both styles of handgrips, standard and running, are vertically adjustable and can be used in the seated or standing positions.
  • Running HandlesThey are used primarily for upper extremity work. A push pull motion promotes the efficient use of flexors and extensors of the arms. Running Hand Grips Grips Allow Movement In Radial And Ulnar Deviation. Patients who have difficulty with pronation and supination can grasp the neutral hand grips with less discomfort. Hand movement is limited to radial and ulnar deviation.
  • Seat - Provides a non-weight bearing exercise. While seated, user may pedal like a bike or use both arms and legs for a more relaxed comfortable work out.
  • Smart Display - The new, “smart” module offers clear voice feedback for instruction, motivation and training tips to jump-start results. And exercisers can easily monitor their heart rate and progress with a crystal clear display at eye level.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring Mode - Heart rate can be easily monitored by using a Polar (or other compatible) watch or chest strap to transmit a heart rate signal to the monitor. Target heart rate is then programmed into the computer and the work intensity is determined based on the user's heart rate. Work intensity, adjusted at 30 second intervals, provides for a prudent warm up and a controlled workout, in the proper heart rate training zone for Phase II and Phase III cardiac rehabilitation therapy. Patients capable of generating two or more METS can start in the seated position, then progress through the higher energy requirements of stepping and total body climbing.


Seated Leg/Arm Exercise - Seat Provides sit down exercise routine--push and pull with the arms, legs, or arms and legs combined.




Non to Partial to Full Weight Bearing - The users partial or full weight can be supported by the seat while pedaling. Seated Leg Isolator Pegs and straps safely and comfortably isolate one or both legs.





Limit Range of Motion - Orthopedic travel stops are used to limit the range of motion of injured limb. Isolate One or Both Arms.





Cross Crawl Enabled - The ability to cross crawl, mimicking a natural climbing or running motion, comes standard!


  • Model108 SRM
  • Speed350 Vertical Feet Per Minute.
  • Incline75 Degree Climb Angle.
  • Handlebars1" - 20" Arm Travel. Includes Side Rails, Straight Handles, and Revolving Handles.
  • SeatIncludes Seat.
  • Pedals1" - 20" Step Travel. Adjustable Velcro Straps.
  • DisplayDigital Display.
  • ReadoutsAudio Feedback, Calories, Distance, Time, Step Height, Heart Rate, Variable Resistance, Virtual Landmarks and Opponents to Select.
  • ProgramsCompetitor & Landmark Programs.
  • Heart Rate ProgramsHeart Rate Mode.
  • Additional Program FeaturesInteractive Voice Feedback.
  • Heart RateWireless Heart Rate.
  • Resistance LevelsVariable Resistance. 0 - 500 lbs.
  • FrameSteel Structure.
  • Resistance ControlsManual Turn Knob.
  • Power110 Volts.
  • Misc FeaturesCross Crawl Enabled.
  • Max User Weight350 lbs.
  • Step-up Height1" - 20" Step Travel.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)43" L x 48" W x 7' 10" H
  • Residential Warranty3 year frame warranty. 2 year electronic display warranty. 1 year parts warranty. 1 year labor warranty.
  • Product Weight160 lbs.
  • 3 year frame warranty. 2 year electronic display warranty. 1 year parts warranty. 1 year labor warranty.

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