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Light Resistance - With just enough resistance to offer a challenge to lighter athletes but not so much as to overwhelm them, the light resistance cord easily attaches to your TRX Rip Trainer, offering a scalable solution for your metabolic conditioning and core strengthening workouts. The light resistance cord provides 15 pounds of resistance and is recommended for individuals between 80 and 110 pounds. The light resistance cord is perfect for beginners looking to get a workout without getting worn out.

Medium Resistance - This is the standard TRX Rip Trainer resistance cord, ideal for individuals weighing from 110 to 140 pounds. It offers 20 pounds of resistance and provides the optimal amount difficulty for almost all fitness levels. This is a great baseline for anyone getting into TRX Rip Training.

Heavy Resistance - The TRX Rip Trainer heavy resistance cord provides a solid challenge for strong, fit users looking to advance their Rip Training workout. This resistance cord offers 25 pounds of resistance and is recommended for individuals over 140 pounds.

Extra Heavy - At 38 lbs. of resistance, this cord delivers an intense, total-body challenge. It is recommended for very fit, athletic individuals who have a stable core and weigh over 165 lbs.

Extra Extra Heavy - As the name suggests, this is our heaviest, most challenging resistance cord. It will challenge your balance, stability and athleticism and deliver a more intense challenge than any other resistance cord. The XX-Heavy Resistance Cord is recommended for people who are in very good shape and are somewhat familiar with Rip Training movements. Ideal for athletes engaged in contact sports.

Resistance Options:

  • Light Resistance - 15 lbs. of resistance.
  • Medium Resistance - 20 lbs. of resistance.
  • Heavy Resistance - 25 lbs. of resistance.
  • X Heavy Resistance - 38 lbs. of resistance.
  • XX Heavy Resistanve - 50 lbs. of resistance.


  • Rip Cord
  • Protective Nylon Cover

NOTE: Please select resistance strength at right. Light Resistance is selected by default.


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