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TRX HOME gives you everything you need to build a better body at home – or on the go.

With a TRX HOME Suspension Trainer and anchor, a workout guide plus six bonus workouts — in 15 and 30-minute sessions — the TRX HOME Kit allows you to get the professional results you want – on your schedule.

TRX HOME Delivers a Full-Body Workout:

  • Workout using just your body weight.
  • Build lean muscle and burn fat.
  • Strengthen your chest and arms.
  • Increase flexibility and endurance.
  • Develop and maintain a rock-solid core.


  • “On the road, I use the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can use it anywhere, strap it to a pole or behind the door. It works every part of your body and helps you improve balance, speed, agility, core strength, shoulder and leg strength and power. I train with it every day.” -Drew Brees, MVP Quarterback.
  • "What piece of gym equipment gives you the best workout? I like the TRX System. The balance involves your entire core.” -Bob Harper, Women's Health

Suggested Accessories (Click Product For More Information):

  • TRX XTender - An excellent solution for situations where your anchor point is too high or thick to properly utilize your TRX Suspension Trainer. Measuring 37" in length.
  • TRX X-Mount - Have the perfect space for your TRX Suspension Trainer but no anchor point? The TRX Xmount is a solid, discrete solution. Measuring 4.5” in diameter.


  • TRX Home Suspension Trainer - Workout anywhere with this lightweight, portable and scalable training system to earn the results you want on your schedule.
  • TRX Get Started Guide - Set up instructions to get you started and workout cards to keep you going.
  • TRX Door Anchor - It's easy to train at home when you set up your TRX Suspension Trainer straps on any sturdy door.
  • TRX Suspension Anchor - Take your training outside when you set up your TRX Suspension Trainer Straps, anywhere.
  • TRX Door Placard - Train safe when you hang this "Workout in Progress" placard on your door.
  • TRX Wrist Band - Show your friends how you train when you wear this TRX wristband.
  • TRX Mesh Carry Bag - Take your TRX Suspension Trainer straps with you, anywhere, in this convenient storage bag.
  • Six Digital Video Workouts

Digital Video Workouts Include:

  • 30-Minute TRX Total Body - Thirteen exercises, including three stretch movements, performed in 60-second sets with 30 seconds of rest in between each.
  • 15-Minute TRX Chest and Back - Six exercises performed with slow, controlled strength and then varied intensity to work your chest and back.
  • 15-Minute TRX Arms and Shoulder - Six exercises with varied tempos to challenge your arms and shoulders.
  • 15-Minute TRX Legs and Hips - Six exercises to improve balance, strength and reduce the risk of injury, with focused movements on your hips, glutes and quadriceps.
  • 15-Minute TRX Core - Six exercises that focus on the muscles to stabilize your spine and strengthen your core.
  • 15-Minute TRX Stretch - Six exercises to use after your workout to cool down your body and release tension in your muscles.
  • Accessories IncludedTRX Home Suspension Trainer, TRX Get Started Guide, TRX Door Anchor, TRX Suspension Anchor, TRX Door Placard, TRX Wrist Band, TRX Mesh Carry Bag, Six Digital Video Workouts.

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