SportsArt Performance Series Cable Tower #P773

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The Performance Series by SportsArt combines quality and value in a simple, easy-to-use strength line designed to fit any budget. Each unit is built using the highest quality materials and backed by over 30 years of excellence in fitness equipment manufacturing.

The lowered stack height and compact footprint help to avoid visual clutter in smaller spaces, while adjustable seats and range-of-motion limiters ensure movements are comfortable and biomechanically correct. The result is a durable, value-engineered line that delivers maximum results in a compact design.

The Performance Series consists of 20 individual stations designed to train all the major muscle groups while offering the variety necessary to help users reach their goals. The machines are easy to use and provide a challenging workout that accommodates users of all levels, from beginners to advanced trainers.

SportsArt Performance Series offers options for total-body training; allowing users to quickly and easily switch between upper, lower and core-body exercises.


  • Dual Swivel Pulleys - Adjust vertically and lock into place, allowing for functional training from virtually any angle.
  • Customization - 36 incremental adjustments for the ultimate in customization.
  • Easy Grip Bars - Stabilize during balance challenging workouts.
  • Weight - 4:1 (one hand) and 2:1 (two hand) ratios provide versatility for personal and sport-specific training.
  • ModelP773
  • Weight Stack176 lbs.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)41.2" L x 36.2" W x 83.1" H
  • Commercial Warranty7 years frame warranty. 3 years weights and guide rods warranty. 2 years cables, belts, bearings and parts warranty. 1 year grips, enclosures, and covers warranty. 6 months upholstery warranty. 1 year labor warranty.
  • Product Weight324 lbs.
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