Spirit Yoga Mat 24" x 69" x 6mm

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They say wisdom comes through time and experience. We recommend finding such a person to allow them to pick your yoga mat! Aptly named, for our yoga mats are the right choice if you are looking for affordability, quality, durability and look.

Why take the time to select your yoga mat? Why take the time to carefully select the best quality, safest material and most durable mat on the market? For the exact same reason Spirit TCR's Enviro Wise Yoga Mats are made with the best and safest material, free from phthalates, heavy metals and toxic chemicals. On top of this we made sure the mat will endure and grow your practice to a new level.



Make the wise choice today and choose a mat good for the environment. 2 color choices on each mat allow to freshen up what you see underneath. Available in 5mm thickness and 6mm thickness, the mats are comfortable and have great traction. We take the worry out of selecting your yoga mat and allow you to focus on your practice.

No matter what pose it is, Spirit TCR stands behind all products and make them with our customers in mind. We will go to any length to ensure only the desired standards are met. Easy to clean, store and use, it really is the wise choice.


  • Non-Slip Traction.
  • Comfort Enabled Eco Material For Extended Use.
  • Perfect Mat For All Skill Levels.



  • Latex/Phthalate Free Eco Friendly Design.
  • Durable Material Made to Last.
  • 2 Sided Color Design.





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