Pre-owned Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

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The result of over a decade of Keiser cycle development. The hallmark of the M3 Indoor Cycle is its durability. The M3 is made of corrosive resistant materials, has a resistance system that does not wear, and is virtually maintenance free; requiring less work from your facility to keep it running.
The M3 is more reminiscent of a real bike and the real ride experience. You can increase the resistance to generate more power and also increase speed to generate more of that same power. Improve your workout, you’re in control.  
  • Easy Transport 
  • Gravity Based Water Bottle Holder
  • Dual Placement Comfort Handles 
  • Four-Way Adjustable Seat Position (Up, Down, Forward, and Backward) 
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height 
  • Anti-Slip Belt (Requiring No Adjustment) 
  • Non Wear Magnetic Resistance 
  • Easy to Install 
  • Infinite Resistance Adjustment 
  • Smooth Resistance Shifter 
  • Comfortable Saddle 
  • Optional Computer System 
  • Virtually Maintenance Free 
  • Whisper Quiet 
  • Dimensions: Height:45” Width: 26” Length: 49”
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
Console Features:
  • RPM (Cadence) 
  • Power Output Displays in Watts (currently generating) and Kilocalories (Total for the ride) 
  • Heart Rate (Polar compatible) 
  • Pedaling Time 
  • Gear (Resistance) (1 to 24 gears) 
  • Trip Distance

The Keiser M3 uses an eddy current resistance system. The benefits of this system are explained below.An eddy current is an electric current in a conducting material that results from induction by a moving or varying magnetic field. On the M3 this is generated by 2 opposing magnets passing over the flywheel. The flywheel (a conductor) passes through the magnetic field generated by the two powerful magnets. By varying how much of the flywheel comes into contact with the magnetic field you can increase or decrease the amount of resistance for the rider. As no parts in the resistance system ever touch there is no wear on the system.

The Certified Pre-Owned Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle passed a rigorous inspection by our own, factory-trained, Fitness Exchange Service Team. Backed by a 60 days parts warranty.

  • ModelM3 PO
  • Residential Warranty60 Days Parts Warranty.

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