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The Nexersys N3 Elite provides a best-in-class interactive fitness experience in the comfort of your own home. The built-in HIIT training programs are designed to challenge both body and mind for a fun and effective workout. Stop grinding through the same boring exercise routine at home and order your new Nexersys today!

Experience Fun Fitness At Home!



  • 3 Strike Pads: 2 different zones to act as your sparring partner.
  • 3-Axis Accelerometers: Measure impact in each pad.
  • 18.5″ LCD Touch Screen Tablet: Makes navigation easier with carousel browsing and selection.
  • Bilateral Arm Movement: Provide realistic impact resistance from any angle.
  • Compact Footprint: Fits in a 4’x4’ area.
  • Adjustable Feet: For optimal adjustment and balance.
  • Easy glide wheels: For relocating your N3P.

3D Animation

The N3 Software delivers fast paced and challenging animated training with a dynamic 3D Trainer in Mitts mode and a 3D Fighter in Sparring mode. The 3D Avatars train the user using multi-colored reticles and directional strike prompts. Users are rewarded for successful strikes.


Improved Body Pad

The N3 Single Body Pad . This new shape and movement combine to teach and train realistic body, hook and uppercut strikes.


Training Rounds

Includes Mitts and Sparring Training Rounds. Mitts prompts, teaches and trains strike types. Sparring is competition based on striking.


Unlimited Unique Profiles

Each N3 Elite Model is cloud-connected where user data is stored, allowing any user to access their profile on any machine.


Cloud Based

Cloud-based training content with unlimited user accounts and free software updates via WiFi.



Designed to burn more calories in less time, H.I.I.T. provides short exercise periods of near max intensity, followed by shortened rest periods that challenge the body to its limit.


On Screen Feedback

Includes an exercise performance summary on strike accuracy, power, reaction time, strike count and points. Feedback is reported in real-time and at the end of each training round.


Adjustable Round Times

Work and Rest round times are adjustable to fit the desired workout duration of each user.

  • ModelN3 Elite
  • Display18.5″ LCD Touch Screen Tablet.
  • FrameGloss charcoal powder-coating and plating.
  • Power100-240V – 50/60 hz ZA
  • Floor LevelersAdjustable Feet.
  • CastorsTransport Wheels.
  • Residential Warranty5 years frame warranty. 1 year mechanical and electronic parts warranty. 1 year wear items warranty.
  • Product Weight190 lbs.

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