M Series Converter
M Series Converter
M Series Converter

M Series Converter

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Maximize the Bluetooth potential of your new M3i with the new M Series Converter! This device converts the Bluetooth Smart signal of our M3i into the Power Profile used by apps normally reserved for indoor trainers. You'll have access to the most popular apps for indoor cyclists like Zwift, The Sufferfest, BKOOL and many others.


Your indoor cycling workouts can now take on all new terrain. The M Series Converter with Bluetooth Smart wireless technology enables in-home riders to connect to the road virtually with cycling apps previously unavailable to indoor cycling bikes. Programming includes workout plans and road courses that mimic the intensity of outdoor riding.

  • Zwift
  • Rouvy
  • Paincave
  • Fulgaz
  • My Training
  • The Sufferfest
  • Kinomap
  • Trainer Road
  • Peloton
  • Onelap


    The converter wakes up when a compatible app starts a search for the converter. A flashing red light indicates the converter has not found a bike to pair with. A flashing green light indicates it is paired with a bike and ready for use.

    To pair the device with a bike, touch the converter to the bike's computer until the red flashing light turns green. Once completed, it will automatically re-connect to that bike for future rides. To pair the device with another bike, simply open the device and pull out the batteries to reset the connection. Proceed with starting the pairing process again with the new bike.


    • Instructions
    • Battery
    • 2 pieces of hook and loop adhesive tapes

    The M Series Converter connects Keiser’s M3i and M5i Bluetooth Smart technology into standard Power Profile data for use with apps designed for indoor trainers. This provides additional multi-level applications and exercise programs that mimic the feel and intensity of road cycling.

    The M Series Converter converts Keiser's Bluetooth data into the Power profile format used by road bike trainers. This provides additional multi-level applications and exercise programs that mimic the feel and intensity of road cycling. Cycle apps like Zwift, Sufferfest and PainCave are used primarily by those who work out from home since they don’t require further software customization.

    • ModelM-CONVERTER

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