Liquid Grip Combo Pack

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Liquid Grip is a revolutionary liquid grip enhancer that creates an amazing grip far more superior than regular chalk. Once applied you will feel it work immediately binding to your hands giving you the grip you need for any application. A small application is enough to last through the toughest, sweatiest, training session. Feel Liquid Grip activate as your hands become sweaty creating an invisible grip like no other. Unlike regular chalk, Liquid Grip binds to your hands giving you a long lasting grip for any application with no messy residue or harmful dust. Plus it's Gym Friendly!

The Liquid Grip combo pack is the perfect way to start gripping like a gorilla. It includes one 1.5 oz refillable Carabiner bottle for everyday use and one 8 oz bottle that refills the Carabiner bottle over 5 times! Carabiner Included!

Also Ideal For:

  • Power Lifters
  • Rock Climbing
  • Body Builders
  • Baseball / Softball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Gymnastics
  • Yoga
  • Track & Field

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