Lebert Buddy System

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This is NOT a suspension system.

It is much, much more!



World's best partner workout.

No set up required.

Adjustable tension pulley system.

Supercharged metabolic affect.



  • Set includes One Lebert Buddy System™ and instructional DVD.
  • Available in BLACK and CAMO.
    • Currently only BLACK is available.
    • CAMO is coming soon!



  • Hundreds of exercises.
  • Suitable for any fitness level.
  • Instant tension changes – the harder you pull, the harder you work.
  • Portable.
  • No anchors or set up required.
  • Full body workout in short about of time.
  • Connect and engage with your partner through the buddy system.
  • Build your FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH through UNI-LATERAL training.


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