Hand X Band™ Resistance Band Set Light, Medium & Heavy

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Numerous activities cause over-gripping.

Hand X Band™ was specifically designed to exercise & strengthen your expanding muscles, balancing all of that over-gripping. Hand X Band™ is compact, durable & easy to use. Hand X Band™ will help you strengthen your expanding muscles correcting the imbalances caused by over-gripping.

Golf... because your hands are the only thing between you & your club!

In golf, a proper grip is essential. Your grip controls the club! A strong grip controls speed; a precise grip controls accuracy. Where the face goes, the ball goes. Too tight you slice; too loose you hook. Your grip controls your body! Weak hands translate to a rigid & tight body which decreases distance & accuracy; conversely, strong hands make for a relaxed body which increases distance & accuracy. Straighten & lengthen your shots while improving accuracy with Hand X Band ™!

Tennis... why do you need two hands for a backhand!

Strong hands, wrists & forearms help control the racquet for stronger & more precise shots. You gripping muscles control your forehand which is strong, but your expanding muscles, which are much weaker, control your backhand. Strengthen your grip & build symmetry in your swing with Hand X Band™!

Prevention & rehab... prevention is the goal, but rehab is a fallback!

"Hand X Band™ would be great for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome." This was a quote often heard in market research. The problem is, although Hand X Band™ could be a very important part of a carpal tunnel patients' rehab, the point of Hand X Band™ is prevention. Once injured, you are never the same. If you type, text, drive or any other activity that uses your gripping muscles, you need to balance all of that over-gripping with Hand X Band™!

Is overgripping ruining your game & causing you pain?

If you play golf, tennis, cycle or lift weights, or if you drive, text or type, you are overusing your gripping muscles while under-using your expanding muscles, the muscles that open your hands, causing imbalances that at their best hurt performance & at their worst cause pain & injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Introducing the new Hand X Band™ 3-Pack. Don't know which one is right for you or want to get them all at the same time so you can progress through your training without having to wait for the next one? The 3-Pack is an easy way to get the whole Hand X Band™ family all at once. You can than progress and your own pace.

How to Use Hand X Band:

  1. Slip loops onto fingertips centering oval indents.
  2. Start with fingertips close together.
  3. Open your hand all the way.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Remove gently one finger at a time.




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