Body-Solid Hexagon Training Rig #SR-HEX 83" H

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Functional training and group exercise are two of the most exciting trends in the fitness industry. The Body-Solid Hexagon System is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to get the most current exercise trends in the comfort of their home.

The Body-Solid Hexagon System (SR-HEX) is 83” tall and perfect for garages and facilities with height restrictions.


NEXT, choose the stations right for you. The HEXAGON is a modular training systems that fits any combination of up to twenty of the 23 available stations. Mix and match to create the perfect fit for your facility needs.

OR, choose from one of our pre-designed packages as a starting point. We've developed three different packages.


Basic Package (SP-HEXBASIC):

  • #SP-HEX Base Frame
  • #SR-LO Lift Offs (2)
  • #SR-SPU Single Pull-Up

Advanced Package (SP-HEXADVANCED):

  • #SP-HEX Base Frame
  • #SR-BHV Bar Holder (vertical)
  • #SR-KB Kettlebell Tray
  • #SR-LO Lift Offs (2)
  • #SR-SPU Single Pull-Up
  • #SR-STEP Plyo Step
  • #SR-TBR T-Bar Row
  • #SR-UL U-Link (2)
  • #SR-WPH Weight Plate Horns (2)

Club Package (SP-HEXCLUB):

  • #SP-HEX Base Frame
  • #SR-BHV Bar Holder (vertical)
  • #SR-BP band Pegs (2)
  • #SR-BT Ball Throw
  • #SR-DIP Dip Station
  • #SR-DPU Double Pull-Up
  • #SR-FPU Flying Pull-Up
  • #SR-HB Heavy Bag
  • #SR-HBH Heavy Bag Holder
  • #SR-KB Kettlebell Tray
  • #SR-LO Lift Offs (2)
  • #SR-MB Medicine Ball Tray
  • #SR-MGC Multi Chin-Up
  • #SR-REB Ball Rebounder
  • #SR-SC Safety Catches (2)
  • #SR-STEP Plyo Step
  • #SR-SUSP Suspension Rings
  • #SR-TBR T-Bar Row
  • #SR-UL U-Link (2)
  • #SR-WPH Weight Plate Horns (2)


ALL Hexagon Training Systems allow for multiple units to be bolted together to expand to any size you desire. The SR-HEXPROEXT combines with any Hexagon Pro System or package and the SR-HEXEXT combines with any Hexagon System or package or allowing for more stations and more users simultaneously. Both the Hexagon Systems and Hexagon Pro Systems with the Extensions (SR-HEXEXT and SR-HEXPROEXT) will fill any size facility, they will expand to allow any number of users to work out at the same time, and they are totally customizable to fit your facilities exact workout needs.

Choose the quantity of Base Frames you'd like linked together as well as which optional stations you'd like, OR, choose a package. Additional options are available with your packages as well.



SR-BAR Monkey Bars

SR-NHV Bar Holder

SR-BP Band Pegs (2)

SR-BT Ball Throw

SR-DIP Dip Station

SR-DPU Double Pull Up

SR-FPU Flying Pull Up

SR-HB Heavy Bag

SR-HBH Heavy Bag Holder

SR-KB Kettlebell Tray

SR-LO Lift Offs (2)

SR-MB Medicine Ball Tray

SR-MGC Multi-Grip Pull Up

SR-REB Ball Rebound

SR-SBH Stability Ball Holder

SR-SC Safety Catches (2)

SR-SPU Single Pull Up

SR-STEP Plyo Step

SR-SUSP Suspension Rings

SR-TBR T-Bar Row

SR-UL U-Link (2)

SR-WPH Weight Plate Horns (2)

SR-WPS Weight Plate Storage

  • ModelSR-HEX
  • Accessories IncludedNo Attachments Included.
  • Frame3" x 3", 11 Gauge Steel Main. Steel Support Plates. Chip Resistant Powder Coat Paint Finish. Oversize 3/4" Hardware.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)BASE: 83" H X 118" L X 74" W LOADED: 117" H X 190" L X 125" W
  • Residential WarrantyLIFETIME: Frame & Welds. LIFETIME: Pulleys, Bushings, Bearings, Hardware, Plates, Guide Rods. LIFETIME: Cables, Upholstery, Grips (Normal Wear).
  • Commercial WarrantyLIFETIME: Frame & Welds. 3 YEARS: Pulleys, Bushings, Bearings, Hardware, Plates, Guide Rods. 1 YEAR: Cables, Upholstery, Grips (Normal Wear).
  • Product WeightBASE: 416 lbs. LOADED: 1164 lbs.
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