Body Ball Exercises Chart - Core

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Also called Stability, Balance or Exercise Balls, Body Balls are a superb fitness accessory that allows a whole workout routine around the ball. Body Balls are used for flexibility, balance, strength and cardio workouts. You can work your abs and lower back while training for strength and balance. A strong core group of muscles is important in sport, fitness and in everyday life, helping to maintain a well-protected spine while preventing injury.

The colorfully illustrated instructions demonstrate all the correct positions that will make using a body ball an effective and safe way to get fit.

Whether or not you have ever used a body ball, this poster series belongs in your home or fitness center!

Choice of paper or laminated.

Buy more & save. Get both laminated Body Ball Charts for less.


  • See how to do variations of crunches, tilts, leg lifts, rollouts and extension.
  • Finish up with the jackknife, bridge with seat drop, reverse bridge and table top.
  • Learn how to stabilize your torso and protect your spine while performing body ball exercises.
  • These exercises will improve your balance, strength and overall fitness level.
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