2.5' x 5' Recumbent Bike Mat #13GS

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This 2.5' x 5' durable equipment mat is helps protect your floors and carpets. It dampens vibrations to reduce noise so that family members and neighbors aren't disturbed. Plus, the mats can help prolong the life of your equipment by protecting against dust and carpet fibers that can get into the small mechanical parts of your machine. SuperMats are tough, durable, and made to last.

Ideal for Recumbent Bikes.


  • Construction - Heavy-duty PVC mat made for cardio fitness products.
  • Noise Reducing - Muffles equipment noise to prevent disturbing neighbors.
  • Sized For - The 2.5' x 5' mat is ideal for recumbent bikes.


  • Model13GS
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)5' L x 2.5' W
  • Product Weight7.5 lbs.
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