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Octane xR4x Seated Elliptical Trainer - Standard Console

When it comes to seated cardio equipment, most people envision upright or recumbent bikes because those have been the industry standard for decades. With the Xr4x Octane Fitness has broken the mold and taken the best things about those, and put them together with new innovations in elliptical technology.

Rather than the arms, hip complex, and the entire upper body having essentially nothing to do, the PowerStroke handlebars make it possible to get an efficient and challenging full-body workout in the seated position. It’s amazing and unprecedented, but that’s only the beginning. 

The Xr4c Enhancement of Seated Exercise

When people first sit in the Octane xR4x Seated Elliptical Trainer, they’re perhaps a little overwhelmed by how incredibly different it is to be able to use your entire body when sitting down. It’s very different than traditional upright elliptical movement without converging arms. It’s also extremely different from sitting down and having half the body do essentially nothing.

As their first workout begins though, the experience becomes pleasant, challenging, comfortable, and it actually helps them find proper posture. The Octane xR4x Seated Elliptical Trainer is designed so that it adapts and conforms to the individual nature of the rider’s body, rather than the other way around. This is the essence of what it means to enjoy great indoor exercise. 

The Seated Elliptical Experience

The Xr4c delivers smooth elliptical motion coupled with low impact and effective resistance training, in a compact design perfect for either the home or commercial gym environment. It’s a quiet high-tech machine, because rather than a cycling motion for the feet, it’s more of a specialized pressing motion that’s for more ergonomic and challenging.

The synchronization between the upper and lower bodies ensures that the muscle recruitment is off the charts, while remaining fluid and natural. 

Technological Features

All of the truly exciting exercise equipment coming from Octane Fitness comes equipped with lots of signature programs and workouts. They’re tailored to suit many varying goals and scale to be a perfect for someone that’s just starting out with exercise, or has a chiseled seasoned physique.

Whether it’s muscular or cardiovascular endurance, trimming, or recuperative training, the Octane xR4c Seated Elliptical Trainer makes exercise exciting again. The traditional cardio machines have lost their appeal, and have failed to keep up with the progressive nature of human fitness. All the technology and comforts like TV, Radio, and quick start numbers are only the silver lining. At the core is efficient and comfortable ergonomic exercise that gets results. 

Broadened Options

Mainstream fitness trends today are centered around two things, a natural approach that returns to the basics, and individual customization. Through the LED console and virtual trainer, are the user customization programs that allow people to move along at their own pace, and create, rather than conform to a workout. 

Furthermore, this machine allows people to dictate how hard they want to work, from extremely easy to incredibly hard, through dynamic movement that the nervous system more readily responds to than the overtly mechanical.

The Certified PreOwned Octane passed a rigorous inspection by our own, Fitness Exchange Service Team. Backed by a 60 days parts warranty.


  • ModelXR4X PO
  • HandlebarsMultipGrip .
  • SeatSeat height adjustments 20. Seat tilt adjustments 5.
  • PedalsOversized soft grip . Stationary footpegs.
  • ProgramsManual, Random, Interval, Custom Interval, Hill, 10K, New Leaf® Custom, Constant Watts, Constant METs, 30:30.
  • Heart Rate ProgramsFat Burn, Cardio, Heart Rate Interval, Heart Rate Custom Interval, Heart Rate Hill, Heart Rate Speed Interval.
  • Handlebar ButtonsFingertip controls on stationar handlebars.
  • Heart RateDigital contact heart rate sensors. Wireless heart rate ready.
  • Resistance Levels30 Resistance Levels.
  • PowerSelf Powered.
  • CastorsIntegrated transport wheels.
  • CSAFE CompatibleCSAFE compatible. FitLinxx compatible.
  • Max User Weight400 lbs.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)Live Wroking Area: 36.5" x 71.5"
  • Residential Warranty60 Days Parts Warranty.
  • Product Weight320 lbs.

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