Pre-owned Precor Elliptical EFX 5.21

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Are you new to fitness or getting back into shape? You'll appreciate the EFX 5.21. It provides a smooth, natural, low-impact workout that helps you get results. With fixed handlebars for a lower-body-focused workout, the smaller-sized, affordable 5.21 will get you started on your way.
Precor's new EFX® 5.21 features manually adjustable CrossRamp® technology with three position settings, fixed handlebars for a lower body workout focus, 8 preset programs, 16 resistance levels and touch and telemetry heart rate monitoring with Smart Rate® to keep you in your fat burn, cardio or peak heart rate zone.

  • Biomechanics - Patented, low-impact EFX® motion is smooth and natural, providing the lowest Rate of Perceived Exertion of any cardio exercise system to make your workouts more comfortable, even though you are working out strenuously. The patented motion allows your heels to remain in contact with foot pedals, reducing muscle and tendon stress.
  • CrossRamp Technology - With Precor patented adjustable CrossRamp® technology, you can alter the height of the elliptical path your foot travels. Called Variable Stride Geometry™, this allows you to focus on a specific muscle group or all major lower-body muscle groups, so you can work the muscles you want, when you want.
  • Manually Adjustable CrossRamp - The EFX 5.21 features a manually adjustable CrossRamp with three positions:
    • Low - 15 degrees - focuses on glutes and quadriceps.
    • Medium - 20 degrees - focuses mainly on your glutes.
    • High - 25 degrees - works all major lower body muscles.
  • Preset Programs - For any preset program, manually adjust the CrossRamp to the incline you prefer. Precor recommends the following positions:
    • Cross Trainer - change from Low to High during your workout.
    • Fat Burner - Medium.
    • Gluteals - High.
    • Heart Rate Control - Medium.
    • Hill Climb - High.
    • Interval - Any.
    • Manual - Any.
    • Weight Loss - Any.
  • Heart Rate Control Programming - The basic Heart Rate Control program on the EFX 5.21 attempts to bring your heart rate to within 2 beats per minute of your target heart rate. The program automatically increases the resistance until your heart rate reading is greater than the target. Once the target is exceeded, the resistance automatically reduces. It continues for the duration of the program.

The Certified PreOwned Elliptical passed a rigorous inspection by our own, factory-trained Fitness Exchange Service Team. Backed by a 60 days parts warranty.

  • ModelEFX 5.21 PO
  • Residential Warranty60 Days Parts Warranty.

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