Staying Hydrated In Cold Weather

It’s easy to reach for the water bottle when it’s hot outside and we’re thirsty. Then temperatures fall and we lose hydration motivation. Here are a few tips to keep sipping when the weather gets cooler.

Infused water – Add fruits or veggies to a pitcher of water before bed and wake up to a whole new taste sensation. Vary the flavor each day to tantalize your taste buds. If it tastes good – you’ll drink more!

Filtered Water – It can be challenging to fill up your water bottle if you don’t like the taste of your water. Try a water bottle with a filter to take out tastes that may be inhibiting your consumption.

Warm Lemon Water – Don’t knock it until you try it! It’s a comforting and refreshing way to start the day and a good option to keep you sipping all afternoon.

Herbal Teas (naturally caffeine free) – There are endless varieties of herbal teas. Choose a variety of flavors to add interest for your taste buds and provide a pick-me-up without added caffeine!

Keep hydration levels high when temperatures are low to look and feel your best this fall!

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